The New and The Good 2nd September 2017

The New : Sugahut's Coconut Milk Plus Durian

When I went to 7-Eleven today, I saw a very interesting new drink on the shelf. 

It is a coconut milk + durian drink. Intrigued, I bought one can home. After trying it, I deem that it is not my cup of tea. If you are a person who likes durian flavored soy milk, this might be the drink for you. Or if you are craving for something sweet after your meal, this might be for you too. 

The Good : Speaker Leader Champion by Jeremy Donovan and Ryan Avery

If you have been following Startupth or my YouTube Channel, you'll remember that I went on a shopping spree and bought 38 books from Big Bad Wolf and did an analysis on how they sell books at such a cheap price. It turns out that one of the books that I bought was a very useful book for public speaking. It is a book named Speaker Leader Champion written by Jeremy Donovan and Ryan Avery. It is a book that will complement your Toastmasters education or it'll be a book illuminating your path in public speaking. This book is useful for beginners and seasoned speakers alike. It features a lot tips with Prize-Winning speeches from Toastmasters World Champions illustrating this tips. It also features insights from World Champions. I find all these priceless. Last but not least, it has an index of all the tips so that you can always come back and refer to this book. A very well written and well structured book. I highly recommend it to all public speakers. 


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