The New & The Good 29th August 2017

The New

I realized that there are 2 types of responsibility from a video shared by my boss

1. Worker Responsibility - One will only do things that's instructed. Nothing more. Nothing less. This kind of responsibility is very popular during the industrial revolution because that's an age where there's only one best way to do something. Workers just need to follow and they'll be compensated by well they followed the instructions and how much they produced.

2. Professional Responsibility - This kind of responsibility is best explained with the example of a doctor. Have you ever cross check how your doctor work or is there anyone who is there to instruct them? No! This is because their work is immensely complex and specialized. They are responsible for the result regardless of what method that they used.

For those of you who can understand Thai, please watch the video below. 

So which type of responsibility do you apply in your daily life? 


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