The Good and The New 30th August 2017

The Good

I've finally produced a vlog reflecting the good things and the new things that I've experienced today. Before this, I had a lot of excuses on why I won't do this. Maybe it's because I'm tired or I don't have time to setup the green screen. The key here is that I'm able to reflect on what I've done. Thus I find that the good of the day is that I'm able to do what I want instead of perfect it. If you wait for perfection, you'll wait forever.

The New

Sea salt caramel latte from Not Just Another Cup
The new thing that I've experienced is the a cup of sea salt caramel latte from Not Just Another Cup. I was very excited when I found this coffee because I never thought it existed. I've learnt the existence of this coffee in a story of a couple that's on the verge of divorcing. The wife asked the husband why does he always put salt in her coffee? The husband said because you've always drank it and it's what I like. The wife said, I hated it I only drink it because it's you who made it for me. That's a story illustrating the communication breakdown between a husband and wife. When I first heard this story, I wondered why would someone drink coffee with salt. After trying this, it's not half bad. Maybe because the fragrance of caramel balance well with the saltiness of the salt. I recommend everyone to try it if you have the chance. 

See you tomorrow

That's ends the first full fledged the good and the new today. Do comment if you have anything to share with me too. I'll see you tomorrow. 


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