The New & The Good 19th June 2017

The New

I've just realized that we might have the possibility to VR ourselves. The hard part about creating VR content is that we will need to plan the shot so that only those that's related will be in the scene. Another important part is to have tools to make sure that we will be able to shoot the VR correctly and post process it correctly.

The Good

Father's love. I'm really grateful that my father helped me create the tool that I could really use in my daily life. He actually helped me patiently drill a hole in my AKA-FGP1 finger grip for my Sony X3000.

Whith this, I'll be able to leave the AKA-FGP1 finger grip and Joby Micro on all the time as show in the pictures below.

This will make my life considerably easier. Thanks dad!


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