The New & The Good 13 June 2017

This is a new series of blog posts that I'm going to start to share with you what the new and the good that I've learnt in my day. It is meant for both of us to be able to observe the new and good things in our lives. If you've found anything that's new or good, do feel free to share it with me in the comments section.

The New

I've just realized that MAS Airline's RM 60 Million net income in Q1 of 2017 is absurdly low compared to airlines like AsiaAsia which is raking in an average of 524 million of net income per quarter in year 2016. That's like almost 10 times the difference. Of course if we were to compare it to the world leader American Airlines Group, these two airlines are just speck of dusts. With that said, the numbers stated here are too big for most people to imagine

The Good

I've learnt about the decision tree that's being used by my boss which I'll share below.

To my boss, when there's a a complain, we realize something. Either we realize that it's something that we are unhappy about or we realize that it's something that we'd like to change, it's entirely up to us. To him, in life, a lot of times, it's about deciding on something. Let's use a typical day in the office or school as an example. When it's lunch time, everyone will say that they are hungry but no one wants to decide what to eat. Some might have an idea of what they want to eat but they don't want to decide so they follow whatever someone said. In life, we just make a decision if we want it or not. Last but not least, it's not about if we want to do or not. It's about if we do it or not. The best plan in the head is worse than the worst plan executed. That's the good metal framework that I've gleaned from my boss.

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