How to fix a broken Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Pen Tip

It's always frustrating whenever something that you depend frequently breaks down. When my Surface Pro 4's pen tip broke, it's as if I've lost a finger of mine.
If you prefer something moving, please watch the video that I've made below.

If you prefer something quieter, read on.

1. Acquire a Microsoft Surface Pen Tip Kit

Most people's direct response was to buy a new pen. I'm one of them. Buying the pen tip kit actually costs only 25% of buying a new pen. What's more, it comes with 4 tips with different hardness (I'm now a very happy user of the H pen tip).

2. Slide the broken tip into the clip of the kit and pull

When I first saw the package, I marvel at its thoughtfulness. One normally doesn't expect this kind of thoughtfulness from Microsoft's products. Yet Microsoft actually designed this with designers who need to frequently change their pen tips mind. This is why the result is a package of pen tips that an artist can bring to anywhere. At this moment, I can feel the envy and jealousy of Apple Pencil users. They only have one type of replacement tip in a not as well thought of package.

3. Select the hardness that you want and put it in

That's it! Its business as usual for you creative fingers out there.
With that, you've spent 25% of the amount of money and you be another 3 pen tip to spare and choose from.

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